Chapter 11

"first questions" narnia- chapter 11

Edmund asked queen for some turkish delight, but she gave him dry bread and some water. Meanwile dwarf prepared sled and White Witch whit Edmund and wolfs fly out to Beavers dam. But they found nothing, and queen ordered to find them by smell. But poor Edmund was with no fur and he was so cold and hungry. But suddenly queen met fox. Fox seid to White Witch that another kids met Father Cristmas, but queen wasn't so happy to hear that kind of news and she turned Fox to statue. At first time Edmund was not so happy because he realized that Witch is bad and cruel. But after few moment Edmund felt that the weather was not so cold as before. Sky become bluer and bluer, and in the ground they could see grass. So I think that is begining of new age.

"second questions" narnia- chapter 11

If I was Edmund then I probably feel  like nothing, like 0% because every one didn't like me. When the nature changed I would be like - oh damn how it just happened ?! It's magic! So yeah I would be like a crazy. I would totaly be afraid of Aslan. Because I did so much bad. But for the White Witch I probably would be pee in my pants.

Words from ch. 11

1. Brat - vaikigalis
2. Hunk - rieke
3. Disincine - netureti noro
4. Sorceres - burtininkai 
5. Dozen - tuzinas

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