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Words from chapter 13

1. collar - apykakle - accessory around your neck
2. snarl - urzgimas - dogs make this sound when they are angry
3. renounce - atsisakyti - to say no for question
4. fulfil - ivykdyti - to do that command
5. scornfully - izeidzia - to heart someone feelings

"second question" narnia chapter 13

2. Answer these questions
a) Why did Aslan's creatures, that came to save Edmund, could not find the Witch?
b) What do you think Aslan told Edmund?
c) What was the Stone Table used for by the Witch?

a) Because of the legend which says all four kids must save Narnia from the Winter.
b) I think he told him you don't need to be mad or angry any more because you are one of the four kids.
c) To execute Aslan. 

"first question" narnia- chapter 13

Now I'm going to tell you what happened in chapter 13 very fast.
White Witch bound the Edmund in dark valley. Edmund was forget that he is hungry and thirsty. The Witch and the dwarf were talking close beside Edmund in low tones. Then the wolfs come back and said that one of the sons of Adam killed my captain, Maugrim. Then Witch was very angry and commanded to summon all our people to meet as speedily as they can. Then Edmund heard sound like whizzz whizz whizzz and he realized that sound is of a knife being sharpened. And at this moment he heard another sounds- a drumming of hoofs and a beating of wings- a scream from Witch. Then he felt that strong arms were round him. Then he heard voices of people they was talking about that little battle in there. When they was in the camp the Aslan and Edmund had a little conversation and then Edmund said sorry for his sisters and brother. Then Aslan came to the stone table to met with Witch and they talked about different topics and one was about deep magic. They talked how the Emperor put into narnia deep magic at the first beginning. But suddenly there was no sound any more like you could hear all things. In conversations end the Aslan roared as hard as he could and as loud as he could the Witch scared ran away. 

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Words from chapter 12

1. Blame - kalte - fault
2. Faint - silpnas - weak
3. Blade - asmenys - sharp metal
4. Dense - tankus - thick
5. Kneel - atsiklaupti - to sit on your knees

"second question" narnia-charapter 12

Yes I think now they are most important peoples in Narnia, because everyone says that they should kill White Witch and lead the way Narnia. And one more thing even the Aslan named Peater as  Sir Peter Wolfs-bane.