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Words from chapter 9

1. Shuffled - ismaisytos
2. Reckoned - skaitytis
3. Swirling - sukiodami
4. Sack - maisas
5. collar - apykakle

"second question " chapters 9-10

Author surprised me with his all imagination, how he created all Narnia world and all those creatures? 

I probably would choose a scene when Edmund was going to white Witch's castle. Because he was all wet and tired, but he thought when he becomes King of Narnia he will make some decent roads and how many cars and cinemas he had. But finally he realized that the White Witch was evil. And she wanted to manage narnia forever alone.

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"first question" narnia- chapter 10

Susan, Lucy, Peter and Mr Beaver bagan to prepare themselves into coats, but Mrs Beaver started to picking up sacks, food and necessary things. Susan asked Mrs Beaver "what are you doing Mrs Beaver?"
"I'm packing food for each of us, because the trip will be long and tiring so we need to have lots of energy" explained Mrs Beaver. When everyone came out in outside than, the snow had stopped and the moon had come out and they begun their journey. They walked so long and Lucy was so tired that she was almost asleep and walking at the same time when suddenly she found that Mr Beaver had turned away from the river-bang to the right and was leading them uphill. And then they went to Mr. and Mrs. Beaver's old hiding-place in bad times. Then Mrs Beaver took some kind of medicine and gave it to the kids, from that medicine they feel deliciously warm and after few seconds everyone went straight to sleep. It seemed to Lucy only the next minute, but realy that was few hours when she woke up feeling a little cold and dreadfully stiff she was thinking how she would like a hot bath. then she saw cold daylight coming in through the mouth of cave and she aweke immediatley and also wake-up everyone else. And they heard sound of jingling bells. Mr beaver was out of the cave like a flash the moment he heard it. And they heard voices. "oh" they thought that there was cry of Mr Beaver. But they were all wrong because they heard Mr Beavers voice calling them outside. "It's all right," he was shouting. "come out". And when they come out they saw sledge, few brown reindeer with bells on their harness. And on the sledge sat a person whom everyone knew. He was a huge man who wore bright red robe with a hood, and he had great white beard. He was a Santa Claus. He brought a little gifts for children. For Lucy he gave a little bottle of what looked like glass and a small dagger. "in this bottle," he said, "there is cordial made of the juice of one of the fireflowers that grow in the mountains of the sun. If tou or any of your friends is hurt, a few drops of this restore them. For Susan he handed her a bow and a quiver full arrows and a little ivory horn. And for Peter he gave a shield and a sword. the shield was the colour of silver and across it there ramped a red lion, and the sword hilt was gold. Then the Santa wished them good luck and went further.

        THE END OF CHAPTER 10.

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"first question" narnia- chapter 9

 Edmund went to White Witch's castle. He was very scared because he saw lion and he thought that lion was real so Edmund waited for lion to leave, but after long time Edmund gathered all courage and he saw that lion even was a statue. And than he entered in some kind of hall and in that hall there was lots of statues, and all statues looked like real. Edmund walked till he saw another gates, and near the gates enter there was a laying wolf. Edmund tried to not wake that wolf, but suddenly wolf woke-up and said "who's there? stand still, stranger, and tell me who you are." Than Edmund said "My name is Edmund I'm son of Adam". And than wolf apologised for Ednund. And Edmund thought "finaly I'm safe and I will get tons of turkish delight". But his dreams was false, because White Witch puted edmund in the prison with Mr. Tumnus. 

  Wait for more :)