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"first question" narnia- chapter 12

 In this chapter kids was runing  from White Witch but after a few moments they realized the snow are melted so the Witch can't ride with her sled. And kids left they coats behind them and they started to walk slower because they knew that White Witch can't catch them. And they had saying to one another "look ther's kingfisher" or "I say, bluebells " and so on. Ant then the sun got down but Mr. beaver began leading them uphill across some very deep, springy moss in a place where only tall trees grew, very wide apart. And after a long distance they walked they saw Aslan stood in the centre of crowd of creatures who had grouped themselves round him in the shape of a half-moon. There was lots of difrent creatures like- tree women, giants, unicorn, centaurs, eagle, a great dog and two leopards. And no one doesen't go first but Peter was firs because he was oldest. He advanced to the lion and said: "We have come"- Aslan. And Aslan said: "Welcome, Peter, Son of Adam," said Aslan."Welcome, Susan and Lucy, Daughters of Eve. Welcome Mr. and Mrs. beavers." His voice was deep and rich. And he said "But where is the fourth ?" "He has tried to betray and joined the White Witch" said Mr. Beaver. And sudenly Peter said, "That was partly my fault, Aslan I was angry with him and I think that helped him to go wrong." And Aslan said nothing, but Lucy said "Please-Aslan, can anything be done to save Edmund ?" "All shall be done," said Aslan. Then girls went to the river, and Aslan and Peter went to talk. They talked about how to rule narnia land's.But sudenly Peter and Aslan heard Susan's horn and they knew that is not good. And Peter started to run as fast as he could, and they he saw big wolf attacking his sisters. And he pulled out his sword and stabed wolf. On sword was only left wolf's fur and blood. Then Aslan Said clean your sword . And Aslan named Peter as Sir Peter Wolfs-bane.